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Cosmic Irony

Everything goes wrong
Except when you wouldn't mind
A few interesting things
To interrupt your routine

This thing called life
Is simply God's greatest expression
Of cosmic irony
Humanity is merely a sicksad joke
And even that, merely a way
To alleviate a bit of boredom

Unimaginative he must have been
To make a masterpiece in his image
So I imagine he's bored quite often
And has a rather stilted sense of humor
Though of course, I am biased
I am on the receiving end

And since so are you
I'd imagine you'd agree
But somehow, you seem to not
You take your orders far too well

But since of course we're in his image
How does he explain the lack of things
Things like true originality
The lack of initiative
Always needing orders

Who created God
And is he the same way too
Is god bound to orders
Does he have a will of his own

And more importantly, do we
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