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A single poem...

Pulled Down From Within

In the back of your mind
You try to keep lonely thoughts
But every now & then you find
Things you only wish were lost
For they bring nothing out but stresses
That can cause one to forget
The happiness that was so rare
While bringing out what depresses
Because it's so easy to forget
The good times that we share.

So as these thoughts come to mind
I wish I were one of a kind
So that these thoughts would not come out
Of my mind's hidden cellars,
Bringing about the darkest clout
Of things I wish to forget about,
Yet they remain back in these cellars
Awaiting to once again bring doubt.

Copyright ©2003 Matthew Kelzenberg

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this one got me thinking. i've written a poem or two kind of like this one, but yours was put together much better. i am somewhat puzzled about the rhyme scheme though. seems very random =P
It is extremely random because I try not to force things into a predetermined rhyme scheme. Although I have done a couple sestinas, I prefer writing freely, without any sort of guidelines to follow. Thank you though.
Hey there! I'm no longer posting in here if you haven't noticed, but I continue to read the work of others. If you're interested in reading my poetry still, add my other journal, poetic_sewerrat, and I will add you back as soon as I notice.
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