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Walkaway Joe Came Home

You left me long ago
Left me bleeding, my heart broken with my soul
Said you needed to find your place
Walked away from everything we had together
And now you expect me to forgive

After everything you did
All the awful things you said
I’m supposed to fall here at your feet
Let you back into my heart
Oh no, it’s not going to happen that way

When you left I swore I’d never bleed again
I promised me you’d never get me back
I wouldn’t care how hard you pled
You walked away and you can’t come home
I’m not going to let you hurt me again

I’ll never love a man who could hurt me
Not when he could do it intentionally
You said the cruelest things so you could leave
Still can’t believe you could do that to me
Not after everything you led me to believe

You had to go and find your heart
Get on your feet and make your mark
Okay, you did, and I hope that it’s enough
When you went away you forfeited me
Who you are now is not the man for me

However perfect it seems like we could still be
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