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So Sorry, Sunshine

Remember the times you loved me
Recall I loved you too so much
You were like half of my heart you know
I tried so very hard for you
To give you every thing I could

But what I wanted took more than I had to give
I fought so hard for you and me
Left pieces of my heart scattered all around
I wasn’t good enough to keep you
I pushed far beyond my means

Sorry doll can you not forgive
You were my sunshine and my everything
And yeah, I know you loved me
Broken promises aside, I did everything I could
I did everything I did for you

You were my evening star
And I swore to give you everything
I failed and failed and failed again
But surely effort counts for something
I loved you, little girl, still do

My heart, the sunshine of my life
Once upon a time you loved me too
Can you not forgive a man’s failure
I tried so very hard to keep you
I just wasn’t good enough, so sorry Sunshine
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