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White Knights

You’re goina be a white knight
Sometime far into the past
You’re goina save all the pretty girls
From themselves; you know you must
But the pretty girls pretty though they are
They aren’t quite what they seem to be
Not the sweet girls you know you need

You’ve got a real problem
Right here on your hands
You’re a man you can’t be blamed
For seeing only what it seems to be
Her pretty eyes aren’t windows to a pretty soul
You’re a white knight underneath it all
But that doesn’t stop you from being wrong

You’re got a need to be appreciated
She’s got a need to feel loved
A feeling you’re more than willing to provide
Even when you know her mind
White knights aren’t her type
Not that I can blame her
Half her type is mine

You’re not quite the mattress you try to be
That makes you pretty cool to me
Even white knights need a little darkness
Only darkness saves the light
You’ve gotta be a bad boy to get the girl
The hero has to win her
But even that risks your soul
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