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My first post... so be kind!

This is the first time I have put any of my poetry out for the masses to see... (that is of course aside from my own journal) so if you could be kind.... I would very much appreciate it!

Enlightenment Again

Today I thought a think or two
to tell the tale too tall and true
my brain's new plane some call "insane"
now reign the pain from which I gain
so see so soon a vivid sign,
a shape, so soar ascend sometime
where cares prepared for all who've shared
some time impared, despair their lair
enlightenment's to the poor, ten cents
entertainment seems so trite and dense
rapport du jour so sore, how poor
ignoring lore, a chore no more
forget: friends, frights, facts, fears; for foes
fight fiercely to forestall your flow
the sight inside only abide
reach out or hide, you must decide
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