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Little Boys and Girls

Look at what the would-be good boy
Says to the little girl
You're so pretty that I love you
But you're not the one I need for me

So what do you advise for me
I can't escape you easily
Suggestions please, I want to stay me
A good boy eternally

You're an inescapable lure for boys like me
That much even I can see
Good thing I don't know you with you older
Or I'd hear your siren's call of pain

It's girls like you who kill boys like me
Leading us on unmercifully
But you're not just you
You're a lure for boys like me

Drive me to crime, a good boy like me
Make me suicide, you'll never love me
Even as a little girl, this I can see
God made you to fill my dreams, pretty girl

God made pretty little girls
For good little boys
God likes to test the world he made
With temptations like little girls for me
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