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Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Subject:Think of me
Posted by:luna_bear8.
Time:2:06 pm.
When your left standing all alone in a world so cold and cruel. When you hear the serenade of a string quartet. When you hear the lullaby of true hearts. Will you think of me? When I'm down on my knees and you can't see me, will you think of me? When your left standing alone in this cruel world come find me, come into my arms, into my heart when you've hurt your last, come find me. When your scared when your down and out, when you've strung yourself out from rolling too hard. When your standing all alone in a party, at a rave, in your classroom, at your job, in this cruel world, come find me, and I'll hold your hand. When you've been told that your lifestyle is wrong won't you think of me? How i treated you way too fairly. And now are you left standing? Isn't this life just like a cold dream? Can you still see me? Am I more to you than just a dream? You are all I have thought of all that I have pondered in the ramblings of this pretty mouth. When the loss is like a sea of despair, when the pain is like a gaping wound of what should've been But can this broken heart trully follow the stars? Your all this broken heart has wanted and yet you reject me like a passing thought. Think of me, think of the dreams that we have shared. For once I'm begging you on my knees. Let us relive the start, the times we swore we'd never part, your all I had wanted, all I wanted, all I dreamed of, all I felt so strongly in the dreams of the night. But it, but I wasn't enough, and I watched you depart. Leaving this heart saying "Please no more," Will you remember the times I held you in my arms and told you of my premonition that our passion would soon end, and that soon youd be just a memory as I paced the shower and cried. I fell asleep in your arms after we made love, now I'm asleep on my couch singing "All I wanted was you." Are you too far out there for me to find? Has life ever treated any soul fairly? Has reality? Now I'm the one thats out there being thrown to my knees. Its a crying shame that our passion is now a string symphony. A shame that our souls only united in one last time in a picture. And now Im so deep I think of my actions of every harsh word shpoken, I realize now that live giveth and taketh away so why tempt fate to take away with hate and judgemental words. If I could relive all of my starts would I remember to slow down and feel your heart? Your all I had ever wanted. When I had held your hand I had felt the hope of eternity. Shall we meet there after the pain love? Meet me there. But eternity isn't promised, happiness is not promised only the frivoulous pursuit but in the end we all die alone. Yes we all die alone. And my mind does amazing things and yet cannot muster the ability to show you my heart, to make certain you don't depart. So I'll pace my apartment a few times with my mind stuck in a cell of limited words and actions. And limited ability to make this work. But just like the struggling day moth tapping reapeatedly at your windowsill, to be free and happy, don't help my burdened soul save me now and give me a harshe start and bitter ending and when my wings stop fluttering and my eyes rest on the stars then stop and think that all my heart all my dying heart sings is "All I wanted was you."
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Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Posted by:eyelash7488.
Time:8:12 pm.
Do you miss her?
do you know that she misses you?
can you feel the pain radeating from her skin everytime she utters you name?

Do you hear her when she calls?
do you see the tears in her eyes?
are you even there at all?

How could your heart desert you?
when it was the biggest heart.

Why did you have to leave her

Dead means never comming back
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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Subject:Untitled Poem - Dawn.
Posted by:herkimer.
Time:3:20 pm.
The pen is stored standing,
awaiting a time when it will be
used again.
The paper is neatly filed away,
resting, before its daunting task

The pen, still standing,
patiently bides its time until
The paper lies waiting. Waiting
for creativity to be poured over
its body.

The pen is preparing--
Readying itself to be
truly free.
The paper anxiously
removes itself from the stack
to be alone.

The pen thrusts itself
onto the page, wanting to be bled
of all emotion.
The page is open, excited
to finally express all that will
be shed.

But there is no one to bleed the pen,
no one to understand the want of the page.
And so there, on the grand desk, lies a piece of paper
that will never know the freedom for which it searched--
and a lonely pen full of dreams; a pen that will soon
dry out.

I thought I'd let some of you know about my new forum, since I don't log into this community as often as I should.


Here, you can post your poems, art, animations, paintings, sculptures, music, or whatever else you create, and share it with people who want to see it.
see you there
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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

Posted by:lolitas_bastard.
Time:10:33 pm.
I would post an introduction, but I wouldn't want to kill anyone with extreme boredom...
so if you desperately require more knowledge about me go thither to my LJ.

Destruction in the rain is always sweet
in lungs a shallow mind would fit…
can I ever feel without looking first?

Listening to a rippling guitar
and a voice being tied to a kitchen chair,
dripping on my fingertips never smelt so pure.

Hardly ever wanting less than I'd agree on,
but there's no knight in shining armour here.
No prince charming to kiss me alive,
no ugly frog to animate my heart.

I still remember breathing in his heartbeat
thinking my breathing would cease
if his heart ever stilled.

There's a cry in my head that's not willing to be publicised.

Broken sighs in crying skies of clouded mourning
in a break between night and the glory of light.
No song of joy could lift the blanket,
because it's just too damp with unfeeling emotions.

And I've just parted with my last cigarette,
but it's ok because the vision of breath is so sincere
Trying to linger forever,
yet dissolving in beautiful illusion

because there's no private cry that can't be publicised.

Tempting fate with cancer like candy.
Tiny kisses upon an open soul
barely touching, always present.
Heaven swallowed a dirty pill of pleasure eternity.
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Sunday, September 5th, 2004

Subject:random poem
Posted by:stabslashsplice.
Time:4:57 am.
Mood: indescribable.
Silent, not moving
I sit
Amongst the shadows
I wait
For you to come
But you never do

How could you
Leave me here
Broken, shattered
You betrayed the one thing
That brought us together
That you used to
Hold so dearly

I helped you when
You were down
Always there to help
Pick up the pieces
Yet when I ask for
The same in return
You run away
Pretend I don’t exist
Leaving me feeling
Broken and useless
In a shadow world
With no light to
Hold onto

And at your home
You pretend everything
Is alright
That you never
Abandoned your friend
When she needed
You the most

You try to forget
Your betrayal
Of the one person
Who was there for you

hope u like it
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Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Subject:An empty box for you...
Posted by:caitniltiac.
Time:6:49 pm.
A box just for you
Sitting at the shoe store,
Filled with my mother’s new shoes
We take them home and she gives me the box
She says its for old things I don’t want anymore
She says only put things that you don’t need anymore in that box
Don’t put something you don’t want to forget in that box.
Only things you don’t mind forgetting
But can I open the box up again? I ask
She says only if you want to be hurt again
You put those things in for a reason, don’t open it up again
So I put that box in the bottom of my closet
Occasionally put in little trinkets or cds I didn’t want anymore
But always took them out
Decided not to put anything in that I would take out later
And it stayed empty for a while.
For a very very long time actually
Until one day I decided to put something in that I wouldn’t take out
I took the box out of my closet and put it on my bed
I took down pictures, ripped things out of my journal and put little things in.
I put them all in the box and labeled it with your name
Everything except one thing.
And I put it under my bed.
I told you about it,
I wanted you to tell me not to throw things away
I wanted you to tell me to remember
And you did tell me things I wanted to hear
For a little while.
I took some things out,
Only one or two items,
Even though I knew I shouldn’t
Mom said not to open it
And I really should have listened
And I really shouldn’t have kept it under my bed
I should have put it in the closet.
Let it collect dust in there.
But I didn’t
And now I guess I have to decide.
What do I do…
Where should I put the box?
Should I put that one last item in…
Or should I let it be one last reminder of you.
If I put things away does it mean I don’t love you?
Because I do love you.
But maybe I should put some things away
Should I let you collect dust?
Maybe I shouldn’t have written this…
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Subject:Drowning, v.2
Posted by:raghnaid.
Time:1:25 am.
Mood: contemplative.
Here's the newest, even more unfinished version of my previous poem. Again, comments absolutely welcome.


I am not drowning.
But what am I seeking if not
thread to wrap my fingers in?
Endless weaving from the wheel,
pooling incarnadine
above me - above me, and
I am not drowning.
Your hand may break the surface,
slip against the ragged edge of
this indistinct mask that cannot conceal,
but I am not drowning.
And you may wrench fistfuls
of taut strands that are
the instrument of my regard,
but I am not drowning.
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Wednesday, February 11th, 2004

Subject:I Am Not Drowning
Posted by:raghnaid.
Time:11:09 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Discovered you by way of cavalaxis. Just to note, this is something of a work in progress and I'll likely post any future permutations. Any and all critique is welcome.


Am I sinking, seeking
thread to wrap my fingers in?
I am not drowning.
Endless weaving from the wheel,
twining between my hands;
I am not drowning.
Pulling from an endless intricacy,
the primeval helix skein;
I am not drowning.
The silk I float heavily
pools incarnadine above me;
I am not drowning.
Though your hand may break the surface,
and I may spin from the bottom of the sea,
I am not drowning.
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Subject:Walkaway Joe Came Home
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:7:26 pm.
Mood: cold.
You left me long ago
Left me bleeding, my heart broken with my soul
Said you needed to find your place
Walked away from everything we had together
And now you expect me to forgive

After everything you did
All the awful things you said
I’m supposed to fall here at your feet
Let you back into my heart
Oh no, it’s not going to happen that way

When you left I swore I’d never bleed again
I promised me you’d never get me back
I wouldn’t care how hard you pled
You walked away and you can’t come home
I’m not going to let you hurt me again

I’ll never love a man who could hurt me
Not when he could do it intentionally
You said the cruelest things so you could leave
Still can’t believe you could do that to me
Not after everything you led me to believe

You had to go and find your heart
Get on your feet and make your mark
Okay, you did, and I hope that it’s enough
When you went away you forfeited me
Who you are now is not the man for me

However perfect it seems like we could still be
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Subject:So Sorry, Sunshine
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:7:18 pm.
Mood: cold.
Remember the times you loved me
Recall I loved you too so much
You were like half of my heart you know
I tried so very hard for you
To give you every thing I could

But what I wanted took more than I had to give
I fought so hard for you and me
Left pieces of my heart scattered all around
I wasn’t good enough to keep you
I pushed far beyond my means

Sorry doll can you not forgive
You were my sunshine and my everything
And yeah, I know you loved me
Broken promises aside, I did everything I could
I did everything I did for you

You were my evening star
And I swore to give you everything
I failed and failed and failed again
But surely effort counts for something
I loved you, little girl, still do

My heart, the sunshine of my life
Once upon a time you loved me too
Can you not forgive a man’s failure
I tried so very hard to keep you
I just wasn’t good enough, so sorry Sunshine
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Friday, December 26th, 2003

Subject:White Knights
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:10:56 pm.
Mood: sick.
You’re goina be a white knight
Sometime far into the past
You’re goina save all the pretty girls
From themselves; you know you must
But the pretty girls pretty though they are
They aren’t quite what they seem to be
Not the sweet girls you know you need

You’ve got a real problem
Right here on your hands
You’re a man you can’t be blamed
For seeing only what it seems to be
Her pretty eyes aren’t windows to a pretty soul
You’re a white knight underneath it all
But that doesn’t stop you from being wrong

You’re got a need to be appreciated
She’s got a need to feel loved
A feeling you’re more than willing to provide
Even when you know her mind
White knights aren’t her type
Not that I can blame her
Half her type is mine

You’re not quite the mattress you try to be
That makes you pretty cool to me
Even white knights need a little darkness
Only darkness saves the light
You’ve gotta be a bad boy to get the girl
The hero has to win her
But even that risks your soul
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Sunday, December 14th, 2003

Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:1:59 am.
Mood: tired.
Fuzzy-headed and slow of thought
Static-brained with a flighty mind
Signs of tiredness
Inescapable effects on me

Too much energy
Gone through the heart
A tidal wave of effort
Left me numb
Let exhaustion reign

The mind may rule the body
Nothing rules the mind
Too much energy used
Wooly-minded fool

No cohesion of thought
Ignoring inherent normalcy
Exhaustion on the verge
Thanks to idiocy

Eyes watering from insufficiency
Too little sleep
Too many thoughts
Everything weighs on me
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Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Subject:Cosmic Irony
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:7:35 pm.
Mood: grateful.
Everything goes wrong
Except when you wouldn't mind
A few interesting things
To interrupt your routine

This thing called life
Is simply God's greatest expression
Of cosmic irony
Humanity is merely a sicksad joke
And even that, merely a way
To alleviate a bit of boredom

Unimaginative he must have been
To make a masterpiece in his image
So I imagine he's bored quite often
And has a rather stilted sense of humor
Though of course, I am biased
I am on the receiving end

And since so are you
I'd imagine you'd agree
But somehow, you seem to not
You take your orders far too well

But since of course we're in his image
How does he explain the lack of things
Things like true originality
The lack of initiative
Always needing orders

Who created God
And is he the same way too
Is god bound to orders
Does he have a will of his own

And more importantly, do we
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Friday, December 5th, 2003

Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:7:46 am.
Sometimes it rains
Quite forcefully it seems
Sometimes it even pours
Water from the sky
Do you ever believe
That sometimes God cries
In a land so far above
It’s a world we cannot see
A world we barely dream
And hardly can perceive

Sometimes it rains
And lightening can be heard
Thunder can be seen
Do you ever believe
In cosmic impossibility
That life and death
Are not the end
That we were created
By something that gives a damn

Many times I wonder
When it rains and it pours
Why is Earth how she is
What is God if he is
When did we seem to be
A good idea in someone’s mind
Oh, and by the way
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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

Subject:Provided For
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:3:22 pm.
Mood: cold.
Her momma said she loved her
That she was a pretty girl
Her momma never lied
Until her momma
Swore she’d never leave

But then her momma died
And left a little Queen
Alone and on her own
Driven to the edge
Without a way to save her soul

But God provides for little Queens
When they pray hip-deep in blood
Little Red-Jeweled Queens
Never want to be alone
But Dragons do provide sometimes

Her momma said she loved her
And her momma never lied
She never broke a promise
Broken though she was
She didn’t want to die

No one wants to leave
Their pretty child behind
But the Darkness does provide
And little Queens
Needn’t be alone for long
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Friday, November 28th, 2003

Subject:A single poem...
Posted by:kelztrack.
Time:1:48 pm.
Mood: crappy.
MK Poem 124Collapse )
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Friday, November 21st, 2003

Subject:My first post... so be kind!
Posted by:imgpcs.
Time:3:24 pm.
Mood: nervous.
This is the first time I have put any of my poetry out for the masses to see... (that is of course aside from my own journal) so if you could be kind.... I would very much appreciate it!

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Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Subject:Black Wing Borne
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:7:43 pm.
Mood: listless.
Hello soul catcher
Lady of the crows
Have you come to bear
My inner soul away
On wings of feathered darkness
As though my life holds
Nothing save for pain

Mrs. Secret Killer
You know you want me
Gone into your Hell
A land of gray and black
Thistle shades, never known
To shadowed demons trying to return
To their world of darkness bright

Have you got a soul
To keep you warm inside
Blackened wings keep you whole
But no one keeps you sane
You’re just a ferrier
Without a horse to call your own
Only wings to bear my soul
Away on into a cold pit
Of hell

Hello soul catcher
Have you come to take me
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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003

Subject:Little Boys and Girls
Posted by:ladyxia.
Time:12:50 pm.
Look at what the would-be good boy
Says to the little girl
You're so pretty that I love you
But you're not the one I need for me

So what do you advise for me
I can't escape you easily
Suggestions please, I want to stay me
A good boy eternally

You're an inescapable lure for boys like me
That much even I can see
Good thing I don't know you with you older
Or I'd hear your siren's call of pain

It's girls like you who kill boys like me
Leading us on unmercifully
But you're not just you
You're a lure for boys like me

Drive me to crime, a good boy like me
Make me suicide, you'll never love me
Even as a little girl, this I can see
God made you to fill my dreams, pretty girl

God made pretty little girls
For good little boys
God likes to test the world he made
With temptations like little girls for me
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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

Posted by:kelztrack.
Time:6:28 am.
Mood: artistic.
As written on the 28th of October, 2003... 337 days after.

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